welcomeSPWelcome to the Old Hippie’s Cash-or-Barter.com web site. On this site you can list up to 10 classified ads with up to a dozen photos — absolutely free. No ulterior motives.

I originally created this site when I decided to downsize my personal life with selling the stuff didn’t need, and using that money to finance my drag racing passion. After a year of great success selling tens of thousands of dollars of stuff collecting dust — I thought why not improve on the site to allow others to also Buy, Sell and Trade.

The site was redesigned and opened to the public in early November 2013, and ready for the general public to turn into cash the stuff they no longer need. The site is incredibly easy to use. If you can use Facebook, then you can easily use Cash-or-Barter.com. Simply click on the Free Classified Ads link in the above Navbar to check it out. If you need help — simply hover your mouse over the support option in the NavBar and you will be able to see pages for FAQs, Safe Practices, and how to report a Seller.

My desire is to have a nice friendly classified ads web site without ads for dangerous, illegal or immoral items or services. See our terms of service and FAQ for more information on ads that will be removed when reported — but you can pretty much feel safe in thinking that if you didn’t want your mother to see it — it will get removed. The Old Hippie has sole discretion on if it stays or goes.

Once there is enough context on the site, I will begin heavily advertising it. While this is a National Classified ad web site to start, future plans are to spin off regional sites. Until then — grab your digital camera and go through your garage, sheds, attic, basement, and/or storage and start selling off the stuff you’d rather have the cash for.